Twenty-four groups sent a letter to the Massachusetts Governor and Treasurer, asking that the commonwealth divest from Entergy investments. Apparently the state, according to the Pension Reserves Investment Board, has at least $8.6 million invested in Energy equities and fixed income securities. The letter – spearheaded by the Association to Preserve Cape Cod (APCC) – quickly gained the support of as host of local groups and started the discussion among other groups who are reviewing their own investments, according to APCC.

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UPDATE: On June 18, 2014 Treasurer Grossman sent a reply. While the letter provided an overall positive response, Treasurer Grossman explained that implementation of any policy to divest from Entergy “can only take place with specific authorization from the Legislature.” However, he further went on to state “I believe that nuclear power has outlived its usefulness, and I commend your efforts to ensure that public safety is paramount in public policy regarding Pilgrim.” Read the full letter here →

UPDATE: On Sept. 2, 2014 the Governor’s office responded. As with Treasurer Grossman’s letter, the Governor’s letter provided a relatively positive response; however, it is clear that more work is needed. Read the letter here →