The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a legal notice to the Town of Plymouth for violating the Clean Water Act by illegally dumping improperly treated sewage into Plymouth Harbor. EPA’s notice states that the Town’s wastewater treatment plant violated the law due to several sewage discharges over the past 10 months – on October 18, 2012, April 19, 2013, and May 25, 2013. EPA has ordered the Town to come up with a plan for fixing the treatment plant and ending the water pollution. The treatment plant is run by Veolia Water, a French corporation, under contract with the Town. EPA says that the treatment plant has been in violation since it began operating in 2002. CCBW is very concerned about the wastewater treatment facility’s chronic violations of the Clean Water Act. Dumping improperly treated sewage into Plymouth Harbor is unacceptable. We will be closely monitoring this issue to ensure EPA does its job of holding the Town and Veolia accountable for complying with the law. The Town of Plymouth needs to pay attention to this issue to protect the public safety, the ecological health of Plymouth and Cape Cod Bays and the economic well-being of the Town.