For almost a year, local residents have been tracking developments relating to Entergy’s plans to build a nuclear waste storage facility at Pilgrim. When caught building without a local zoning permit, Entergy quickly applied for one after the fact in December, and then filed for another one in the Spring of 2013. The Town of Plymouth granted a zoning permit, but local residents are saying this violated the Town’s zoning laws. They filed a legal appeal in April 2013, asking the Town Zoning Board of Appeals to require Entergy to do it right: apply for a special permit, which requires a public hearing. Instead of making a deal with the Town behind closed doors on the nuclear waste “dry cask” project, residents are seeking transparency and the chance to make their concerns heard.

The Town Zoning Board of Appeals held a hearing on June 12th to decide whether the building inspector was wrong when he granted Entergy the permit, and whether a special permit should be required. Close to 100 people packed the hearing room to listen to heated arguments from Entergy, lawyers for the local residents and the Town’s Legal Counsel. The Board did not hear from everyone, so they continued the hearing to July 10th at 7:30 p.m.

July 10th is a very important hearing. The Town will make a decision that will affect our families, homes, businesses and the local economy for hundreds of years.

PLEASE ATTEND to show your support for an open, transparent process and a special permit. THIS HEARING IS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: Town Hall, 11 Lincoln Street, Plymouth, 7:30 p.m., July 10th.