Surface Water Pollution

The Federal Clean Water Act does not regulate Entergy’s routine discharge of radioactive materials into Cape Cod Bay, even though they are a part of routine operations. Pilgrim routinely discharges thousands of gallons of radioactive effluent by eleven surface water outfalls directly into the surface waters of Cape Cod Bay. From 2010 to 2012, Pilgrim discharged more than 478 billion gallons of diluted radioactive effluent (more than 465,000 gallons undiluted) through its surface water outfalls. Forty different discharges contained a total of over 7 curies of radioactive products, including tritium. In order to reduce the contamination levels to allowable limits, Entergy dilutes the contaminated waste water. The 478 billion gallons that was discharged from 2010 to 2012 started out as more than 465,000 gallons of undiluted highly contaminated radioactive water. Entergy practices dilution by sea water as the solution to its radioactive waste pollution.

Pilgrim has also been known to leak sodium nitrite (a corrosion inhibitor and additive to industrial greases) and tolytriazole (a corrosion inhibitor) into the surface waters of Cape Cod Bay.

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