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Thank you for your interest and support! Cape Cod Bay Watch is a program of the Jones River Watershed Association, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization located in Kingston, Massachusetts.  Your donation is tax-deductible, and will be specifically directed to support the CCBW program. Find out more about JRWA, its programs and projects at:

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    Dual membership is offered for JRWA/Jones River Landing, and supports our work to protect and restore the vital environmental and historic resources in the region. Benefits include access to the river for boating and fishing, merchandise discounts, invitations to special events and more. Sign up today →
  • Get some CCBW gear!
    See below for details.
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Get our gear!

For a minimum donation of $15, you can own one of our organic cotton t-shirts (3 designs), or for $18 you can get one of our red organic cotton logo hats.

Shipping: Please email us at to inquire about shipping options.

Red Organic Cotton Logo Hat

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Organic Cotton T-shirts

  • White Logo T-shirt – Adult (available in Men’s M, Woman’s S/M/L)
  • Black Logo T-shirt – Adult (available in Men’s M, Women’s S/M/L)
  • Black Logo T-shirt – Kids (available in Youth S/M/L)
  • “Entergy: Our Bay is Not Your Dump” T-shirt (black only; available in Men’s M, Women’s S/M/L)


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