Mark your calendars! Citizens Awareness Network, the Safe and Green Campaign and the VT Yankee Decommissioning Alliance are organizing a tour throughout New England to address the abdication by the federal government and the nuclear industry to deal with stranded nuclear waste at reactor sites throughout the country. The event, called “Environmental Justice & Nuclear Waste: The Road from Pilgrim to Texas,” will be in Kingston, MA on May 3rd and will provide insight into what’s happening and what will happen with Pilgrim’s pending closure and decommissioning.

  • WHEN: Wednesday, May 3, 2017
  • WHERE: Kingston Council on Aging, 30 Evergreen St, Kingston, MA 02364

Hear speakers who will discuss the issues of high-level nuclear waste, federal waste policy and environmental racism of the nuclear waste industry.

Speakers include: Rose Gardner, with the Sierra club and a resident of a community impacted by both a Texas low-level nuclear waste dump and a proposed Centralized Interim Storage site for nuclear waste in Andrews County, Texas; Kevin Kamps with Beyond Nuclear, will address the vulnerabilities of on-site storage of nuclear waste and federal policy; and Deb Katz with Citizens Awareness Network will address the issues of NorthStar, decommissioning, and hardened onsite storage at nuclear reactors.

Do you know where Vermont Yankee’s nuclear waste will go? Although the nuclear industry and federal government committed to create a solution for high-level nuclear waste disposal, no acceptable solution exists.  The sites targeted for “disposal”, like Andrews County, Texas (interim storage site) and Yucca Mountain (permanent storage site), are routinely low-income, rural, people of color and Native American communities. The industry pits nuclear communities against each other; reactor communities fear inadequate storage casks, lack of onsite protections and high level waste abandonment.  Communities targeted for nuclear waste disposal don’t want dangerous nuclear waste in their backyard, particularly given the abysmal record of leaks and inadequate environmental protections.  Waste communities face unconscionable choices – short-term economic survival or long-term health and safety.

It is essential that reactor and waste communities work together to create effective strategies and actions to defeat industry initiatives to target vulnerable communities and provide protections for reactor communities forced to be guardians of the world’s most toxic and long-lasting waste.

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