The Plymouth Nuclear Matters Committee is meeting Monday, September 21, 2015 at PACTV Studio, 4 Collins Avenue, Plymouth MA 02360, at 7:00 PM.

As part of their agenda, they will be discussing Pilgrim’s recent safety downgrade. This is an important meeting – please attend if you have questions, want to learn more, and to show the town you are concerned about Pilgrim’s poor performance.

Here is the AGENDA:

Nuclear Matters Committee
Monday, September 21, 2015
PACTV Studio, 4 Collins Avenue, Plymouth MA 02360, 7:00 PM*

~7:00 pm – Call to order (quorum requirements)

Opening Remarks by Chair

~7:05 pm – Public Comment Period

~7:15 pm – Plant Status Update; via Mr. Noyes, or written

NRC 9/1/15 Final Significance Finding (safety relief valves re:  Juno blizzard Special Inspection)
NRC 9/1/15 Mid-Cycle Assessment Letter and future NRC PNPS inspection plans
8/22/15 air nitrogen instrument control line break / MSIV closure –  unplanned Scram implications
Possible date(s) for PNPS tour for newest NMC members
Reminders – cyber security plan documentation, Entergy’s fish monitoring data
Other topics? **

~7:40 pm – Emergency Management Director Update, via Mr. Wallace, or written

~7:45 pm – Old Business; input by NMC members, BOS, subject to NMC Chairman

8/21/15 Mr. Rothstein discussion w/Jan Sullivan, Acting Director, MDPH BEH (real-time monitoring status)
Other issues (subject to Chair) **

~7:50 pm – New Business

8/25/15 NRC teleconference meeting on NEI draft guidance proposal for using NDT funds
UMASS follow-on economic impact studies of future PNPS closure – status
NMC follow-on meeting with BOS re:  5/19/15 Top Five PNPS Issues presentation – status
Prospective new NMC research initiatives for FY16
Other issues (subject to Chair) **

~8:25 pm – August meeting minutes review, vote to approve _______

~8:30 pm  –  Adjournment_____(time); _____(vote)

* times approximate.

** May also include topics not reasonably anticipated by the Chair following posting of meeting.