A document just released details a federal safety inspector’s alarm over Diablo Canyon Nuclear Facility’s vulnerability to earthquakes. In this explosive document, a former NRC inspector charges that the Diablo Canyon in California is more vulnerable to earthquakes than initially known and should be shut down until Pacific Gas & Electric Co. can prove its safety. Read the full article here.

Pilgrim is in the same boat. Just this past April, Senators Markey and Warren wrote to the NRC urging it to take immediate action to protect Pilgrim Nuclear and Seabrook Station (in New Hampshire, about 40 miles north of Boston) against seismic risk that licensees were previously unaware existed.  Newly evaluated earthquake risk for both facilities was submitted to the NRC in March 2014 – it was determined that the risk is larger than either of the two reactors were originally licensed and designed to withstand. Read the full letter here.

In all of these cases, safety of the public and the environment should be more important than the profits of the nuclear industry.

Friends of the Earth recently posted an action alert asking people to write to the NRC chairman, asking her to shut down Diablo Canyon. Take action – and don’t forget to add that Pilgrim and Seabrook should also be shut down for the same reason.  TAKE ACTION!