On Jan. 9th, Jones River Landing and the North and South Rivers Watershed Association launched a “Climate Change in Your Backyard” series, with a presentation about sea level rise projections on the South Shore by Andre Martecchini (Kleinfelder Associates). If you missed it, you can watch his talk >>

The series, which is free and open to the public, will continue through March 2014. The topics are interesting and diverse, ranging from storm preparedness to invasive species. The series aims to raise awareness about LOCAL climate change impacts and issues. See the full schedule of talks >>

As the CCBW campaign progressed over the past year and a half, we have realized more and more how import the role of climate change is in terms of the safety of nuclear power plants, and Pilgrim in particular. Pilgrim, with its outdated once-through cooling system, potentially add to the warming water temperature of Cape Cod Bay. Also, the effects of climate change (rising sea levels, warming sea water and air temperatures, increasing intensity of storms and related storm surges) threaten the facility’s cooling system that is essential to normal (and safe) operations, as well as pose risks to the dry cask nuclear waste storage facility being constructed only about 100 feet from the shore of the Bay. Read more about our climate change concerns >>

The “Climate Change in Your Backyard” series is beneficial to home owners, business owners, and even us here at Cape Cod Bay Watch looking to learn a bit more about how climate change impacts could impact us on a local level. See you there!