Two groups today asked the state to revoke a 2006 approval for Entergy’s Pilgrim nuclear reactor in Plymouth.  Jones River Watershed Association and Pilgrim Watch are asking the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (MCZM) to suspend its’ “consistency certification” issued under the federal Coastal Zone Management Act for Pilgrim relicensing.  Entergy applied to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for a license to continue operating the 40-year old reactor for another 20 years.  Before the NRC can act, the state must certify that relicensing will not violate state laws governing activities in the coastal zone.  Copy of Letter here: April 4, 2012 letter

“For 40 years, Entergy’s once-through cooling system has been taking over 510 million gallons of water a day from Cape Cod Bay into the reactor and sucking in fish, plankton, fish eggs, larvae, and more, and kills them. Another 20 years will cause even more destruction of our coastal zone and our ability to use and enjoy the Bay’s resources for fishing and recreation. We hope the state will suspend the certificate because Entergy is unnecessarily destroying marine life in Cape Cod Bay,” said Pine duBois, Executive Director of JRWA.

The letter to MCZM identifies 10 ways that relicensing will violate the state coastal zone management policy.  Many violations are based on new information about killing river herring, possible impacts to dolphins and porpoises, and failing to properly take steps to study the impacts on whales and endangered sea turtles.  The groups claim all the information showing the violations is in government agency files, but has been ignored for over a decade.

“We have repeatedly asked the NRC to protect Cape Cod Bay from Entergy’s destructive cooling water operations.  The state should be well aware that there is an issue here.  Enough is enough.  It’s time for action,” said Mary Lampert.


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