Today two groups made a new legal challenge to the relicensing of Entergy’s deteriorating nuclear reactor in Plymouth

A new LEGAL CHALLENGE and associated testimonies outlines how Entergy’s Pilgrim nuclear reactor on Cape Cod Bay is killing fish by the thousands – at the same time fishermen are told they can’t catch these fish.

River herring are one of the candidate species under the federal Endangered Species Act that the groups say are being killed every year by Entergy’s cooling water intake structure at Pilgrim.  The groups’ testimony also shows that one of the most endangered whales on the planet – the north Atlantic right whale – regularly feeds and forages close to the Pilgrim reactor. 

Entergy has a license to kill marine aquatic resources in Cape Cod Bay,” said Meg Sheehan, one of the lawyers filing the appeal on behalf of Jones River Watershed Association.  “They’ve been killing hundreds of thousands of menhaden, tens of thousands of other types of fish, and billions of fish eggs, larvae and plankton everyday for the last 40 years.  Enough is enough,” Sheehan added.

The groups claim the Nuclear Regulatory Commission cannot relicense Pilgrim until all impacts on whales, sea turtles, fish and marine habitat are fully assessed and Entergy takes steps to upgrade its destructive cooling water intake and discharge operations.

Here’s information about the species that Entergy kills and about the whales that are found around where Entergy discharges polluted water to Cape Cod Bay. Testimony on Whales & Fish

Jones River Watershed Association in Kingston, Massachusetts detailed how Entergy’s cooling water operations are harming marine and freshwater species. Jones River Watershed Testimony

Entergy has a license to kill marine life. WE NEED TO STOP ENTERGY NOW!  Sign our Petition and tell state regulators to protect Cape Cod Bay from Pilgrim’s operations!  

Entergy’s license expires June 8, 2012.  

Enough is enough!


To learn more, read more details about Pilgrim’s impacts on fisheries and whales in Cape Cod Bay.