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NEWS: Groups issue call to terminate Pilgrim’s water permit

On June 8, 2015, a state-wide coalition of 24 public health and environmental groups issued a call to state and federal regulators to terminate the Clean Water Act permit for Entergy’s outdated “once through” cooling water system at Pilgrim nuclear.

Saying that U.S. EPA and MassDEP had dragged their feet for too long, the groups cited a report showing that Entergy’s permit expired 19 years ago and is based on outdated technology from the 1960s.  It is well documented that Entergy’s operation of Pilgrim causes massive marine destruction and pollution of Cape Cod Bay.

“Nothing at Pilgrim makes less sense than the fisheries Cuisinart the EPA allows Entergy to operate. Taxpayers spend a billion dollars a year on fisheries management and protection. We might as well shred the money in the Pilgrim cooling system along with all the fish being killed.”

— Ed DeWitt, Executive Director, Association to Preserve Cape Cod

The report reveals the contents of thousands of pages of internal agency documents and relies on Entergy’s own reports showing the destruction of marine life-from fish to plankton that is a food source for North Atlantic right whales.  It also documents the wastefulness of Entergy’s operation, showing that Pilgrim operates at only 33% efficiency.

Entergy’s cooling water system at Pilgrim has not changed since it was designed in the 1960s.  Better technology is available and EPA and MassDEP should have required it long ago.  Until EPA and MassDEP issue a final new Clean Water Act permit, Entergy should not be allowed to operate Pilgrim.

Read the report and appendix here:

Entergy, Our Bay is Not Your Dump – Final Report (PDF)
Report Appendix (PDF)
Table of Contents
June 8, 2015 Press Release

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