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Cape Cod Bay from the International Space Station

About Cape Cod Bay Watch

Cape Cod Bay Watch (CCBW) is a program of the Jones River Watershed Association in Kingston, Massachusetts. Our knowledge and appreciation of the connectivity of our watershed with the Cape Cod Bay ecosystem has grown over the years. It is in this context that Cape Cod Bay Watch was formed.

Right now we are addressing the harmful effects of coastal energy operations on water quality and marine life in Cape Cod Bay. We also work, along with our partners, to monitor water quality and diadromous fish in Cape Cod Bay and the Jones River estuary.

We all need to better understand the hidden costs of our energy consumption, as well as the vulnerabilities of coastal energy infrastructure. We need to implement clean and reasonably sited energy solutions that support efficiency and conservation, and protect against climate change impacts and environmental degradation. With your help, we can achieve a positive energy future AND a healthy environment!

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